Saturday, 22 March 2014

Shoes galore!

Sorry I missed my regular weekend posting last week, Ive been so busy at work and we had a bash at addressing the invitations over the weekend! They are all ready to go, will probably send them at the end of next month.

So today I ventured into town, up early and ready for 9am so I could miss the hoards battling around Primarni!

I thought you'd like to see what goodies I bought!

First I had a good look around Wilko and got our flower girl some bits to keep her entertained. Shes going to be the only child there on the day so need to make sure she's kept busy!

S thinks this is enough to keep her busy but I think I may have to get her some stickers and chocolate buttons too! This is all going to go in a little gift bag for her with a necklace or bracelet which I havent found yet! We are going shopping for her dress in Easter holidays too :) can't wait!

I also got these lace ballet pumps from Primark for a £5! Ive been looking at lots of different options for me to wear in the evening as my shoes are so high!

This also coincided with the delivery of my ASOS parcel and two other pairs of shoe options! Flip flops this time!

 Ive been searching ebay for ages for a pair of havaianas as they seem to be the only flip flops that I can wear without them rubbing, then I spotted these on ASOS for way cheaper £16.95!

I also got these from London Rebel with a view to choosing the pair I liked the most...I like both...argh

As I was searching for flat lace shoes for me, I also came across New Look's range of shoes for this year and they have loads of cream/biege shoes, perfect for my bridesmaids!

Ive shown them all of these:

Gorgeous arent they! I cant believe one shop has so much choice! Ive said to the bridesmaids I really dont mind if they have different shoes as I know when I was a bridesmaid before I was so conscious of my wide feet being crammed into tiny shoes all day! Which are your favourites?

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