Sunday, 11 October 2015

A new addition...

Sorry I've been so quiet recently, 3 weeks ago we picked up this little bundle of joy and we have been somewhat preoccupied to say the least!

We've called him Milo and are totally in love! He's a miniature jack russell and he's quite the handful! Currently going through housetraining which is a very long and laborious process but we will stick with it!

We have definitely had to change our routines so far to accommodate him and I have loved taking him to puppy play on a Saturday! A field full of puppies, whats not to love?!

I'm also addicted to buying him presents whenever I pop into the pet shop! Spoilt puppy! Its our first puppy training class with him on Wednesday which we are looking forward to. If anyone has any hints or tips for us please feel free to comment or send me an email! I'm soaking up information about puppies like a sponge at the moment!

On another note, I've done a bit of a post wedding blog post for Sandra Von Riekhoff over on her Divine Day Blog. Have a look here.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Getting away to Bol - Croatia

Croatia seems to be one of those destinations Im hearing a lot about recently and after my brother booked a trip there back in July I was curious to see what all the hype was about. As avid fans of Turkey where the food is ridiculously good and equally as cheap and we had the luxurious experience of being able to charter our own yacht for the day, it takes a lot to make us want to visit other places but I am determined to not become one of those couples who gets stuck in a rut.

We booked our trip to Bol through opodo and after many, many (many) tripadvisor reviews I settled on the lovely Villa Dalmatina as our choice to lay our weary heads.

It suited us perfectly as it only has 12 rooms so we were assured of a nice, peaceful stay. Bol itself is beautiful and although busy with tourist from all over the globe (Im not sure as to how many Croatian people we actually encountered on our visit) doesn't feel over run with tourist traps. In fact the biggest hotels (the ones I really couldn't see myself relaxing in) are mainly along the strip of the Zlatni Rat Beach.
Villa Dalmatina is tucked up a (quite steep after a few cocktails!) hill away from the little fishing harbour which comes alive at night with the many al fresco restaurants and cocktail bars.

Whilst there we enjoyed many days of sun soaking and a day on the quite crowded Zlatni Rat which looks a lot more impressive from an aerial shot as you can't really take in the perspective of the point when you are standing on it!

The waters were so beautiful and clear and very warm! We also took advantage of the many companies offering boat hire and for around £55 we got our own little motor boat for the day to take around the coastlines.

Look at that water! It was a lovely holiday and we definitely came back relaxed even if easyjet did lose our luggage after a 3 hour delay on the way there!

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